Python Program To Check If A Number Is Perfect Square

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Any number which can be expressed as the product of two whole equal numbers is classified as a perfect square. For example, 64 can be written as 8*8 hence 64 is a perfect square.

In this article, we will create a Python program to check whether the number is a perfect square or not.

Algorithm To Check If A Number Is A Perfect Square Or Not

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Step 1:  Take the input from the user

Step 2:  Compute the square root of the given number using the math library

Step 3: Checking whether the  int(root + 0.5) ** 2 == number, if this evaluates to True then the number is a perfect square

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Python Program To Check If A Number Is A Perfect Square

import math

# Taking the input from user
number = int(input("Enter the Number"))

root = math.sqrt(number)
if int(root + 0.5) ** 2 == number:
    print(number, "is a perfect square")
    print(number, "is not a perfect square")


First, we are importing the math library in our program then we are taking the input from the user and converting it to integer just in case user inputs a float number.

Square root of the number is calculated with  math.sqrt method and the result is stored in  root variable. Next, we are checking whether the integer value of the square of root+0.5 is equal to the number itself if this evaluates to True, then the number is a perfect square else it is not.

Notice we are adding 0.5 to the root because in case of a large number the root may not be a perfectly whole number it might be some decimal less. However, as it is known the int() method takes the floor value adding 0.5 to the float number is a reliable solution to get the desired outputs even if the input is large.

Running the program for some test cases gave the following output,

Enter the Number 444
444 is not a perfect square

Enter the Number 64
64 is a perfect square

Enter the Number 81
81 is a perfect square

Enter the Number 998001
998001 is a perfect square



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