Python Program to Calculate Power of a Number

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Problem Definition

Create a Python program to take two numbers from the user one being the base number another the exponent then calculate the power.


import math

base_number = float(input("Enter the base number"))
exponent = float(input("Enter the exponent"))

power = math.pow(base_number,exponent)
print("Power is =",power)


Enter the base number2
Enter the exponent4
Power is = 16.0

The built-in math module provides a number of functions for mathematical operations. The pow() method takes a base number and exponent as parameters and returns the power.

Since in Python, there is always more than one way of achieving things calculating power with the exponentiation operator is also possible. The exponentiation operator x**yevaluates to power.


base_number = int(input("Enter the base number"))
exponent = int(input("Enter the exponent"))

power = base_number ** exponent
print("Result is =",power)


Enter the base number2
Enter the exponent5
Result is = 32


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